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Sony VAIO T 13 – A Stylish and Cheap Ultrabook

One of the famous manufacturers of laptops which weren’t at the Ultrabook party was Sony, the company expressed its reluctance for the new Intel initiative. Finally, they decided to explore the laptop market for strong, thin, light and affordable laptops [...]

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Multiple New Features in Apple iPod Nano 2012

Apple iPod Nano 2012

Apple iPod Nano 2012 comes with multiple new features like 2.5 inch multi touch display 16 GB of memory and Bluetooth compatibility. At the same time, the providers have kept the price reasonable. Apple’s iPod Nano is neither new nor [...]

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iPhone 5 – The New iPhone Presented by Apple

Last night Apple introduced the iPhone 5 terminal that millions of people around the globe waited with baited breath, but everyone already knew what Apple was going to present. Everything we've seen on the internet through various rumors was presented [...]

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Nexus 7: The New Tablet

The tablet market has become extremely competitive. This is after the launch of many classes of tablets by the different firms. The most renowned of them all is the well famous Apples iPad. The product has received critical acclaim for [...]

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Revamped VOD Featured in the Philips Net TV

Aside from just coming up with its own masterpiece of a technological advancement in the name of an internet TV, Philips has since decided to better its best. The internet TV has been able to attract the intended market’s attention [...]

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Toshiba AT200 Excite – Thin and Elegant Top Tablet

Toshiba Excite AT200 is a 10.1-inch screen tablet, which is distinguished by its sleek design (only 7.7 mm thick) and high quality finishes. Description. Launched in September last year and offered with Android 3.2, Toshiba Excite AT200 passed in time [...]

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