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High Quality and User Friendly Camcorders 2011

 User Friendly Camcorders 2011

2011 has brought up many technological revolutions and many new gadgets have appeared in the market. High quality and user friendly camcorders at affordable prices are now available for the buyers. Best part of it is that these camcorders offer [...]

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Worried for Your Car Safety? Have a Look At These Latest Car Safety Gadgets

Car Safety Gadgets

Apart from the home; a car is perhaps the most valuable possession that anyone can have. However with the possession of any valuable property also come the concerns about its safety. While manufacturers and providers have been always at the [...]

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NVIDIA 3D Vision is available on YouTube

Firefox, along with the 3D Vision technology offers a truly impressive 3D viewing experience for videos based on open standards like HTML 5. "Vision 3D technology from NVIDIA is a good example of the rich experience that Firefox offers software [...]

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iPad 2 Review – One Of The Best Tablets

Even if the first iPad was greeted by a large reluctance of the public, starting from the premise that it is difficult to insert a device in the segment between a smartphone and a notebook, Apple has relied heavily on [...]

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Rehabilitation of your Paralyzed Hands with the Amazing Gadget- NESS H200

NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation System

When damages are caused in the nerves in the hands then you might experience damages even in the sensory nerves which dictates motor nerves, sense of touch which helps in the instigate movement. This leads to hand paralysis which causes [...]

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Samsung Finding Way For BADA

Nokia and Microsoft are working big time to make a sustainable space for the Windows phones. Lots of money has already been spent in and quite a number of people are already involved in tracking its shipments. With such a [...]

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Acer Aspire One D255 – Mini Laptop for Blogging

  Launched in the summer of 2010, Acer Aspire One D255 was characterized by two features: dual core and dual-boot. The model stands out by its different style, elegant and robust, with the ability to boot between Windows 7 and [...]

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The PSN Attack: Damage Inevitable

Now with the fourth week of its downtime, the PlayStation Network has certainly received a handful of damages: consoles being damaged, users’ money in danger and of course the gaming cum multimedia, everything almost becoming non recoverable .The financial losses [...]

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Giants Take A Big Leap

When the last decade ended, it was very well predicted by the experts that apart from the present changes in the automotive scenario, some revolutionary ones can be expected to catch a fire as they have been one of the [...]

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Android …Safe No More?

It was started at Palo Alto, California in the year 2003, when Android was devised so as to provide a better and smarter mobile experience. Its development was a total secret, till Google bought it in the year 2005.The progress [...]

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