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Google Brings Out New Adsense Unit of 200 x 200 Format

Google Adsense

Adsense Officially Announces the launch of their new Ad Format of 200 x 200. Google Calls it to be said as Small Square! As Google Adsense Blog states, it is to be launched under the reviews of  the publishers of [...]

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Live And Automatic File Updation To Hosting Upon Saving Datas – Continous Connection To Server Via FTP For Live Updation

Incoming Outgoing Data Connections

Usable Circumstances : Checking The New Logo, Editing It, Re Checking. And all similar Cases to which this matters like Updation of a Document which has Live Statistics in Every minute or so! Requirements: A Decent FTP Client Software 🙂 [...]

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Redirecting Http to Https (SSL) Using Apache Htaccess Redirection Rules

Http to Https Redirection

SSL is a premium feature which all hosts provides specially upon request. For people who deals with Websites which are for Buy/Sell, or simply Ecommerce, SSL would be a required feature. SSL adds security to the browsing session since no [...]

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More Money From Adsense| Adsense Tweaks| 5 Basic Adsense Tips and Tricks

Google Adsense Tricks And Tips

People face a lot of trouble making money with Google Adsense. The Basic Thing you should have is Real Traffic! And then, Some Activity, i.e Visitors should start sticking to your site without Bouncing. Then Third, Avoiding Ad Blindness to [...]

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Google.Com has 35 HTML Errors And Warnings!! Isnt That Funny?

Google Logo - HTML Validation

Recently, While Validating HTML of my site in , I simply tried Validating Results were strange. I thought they ran perfectly well, since they had a landing page with at most No contents a single centralized search bars [...]

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WordPress – WordPress Address And Site URL Accident Edit Problem Resolved

Wordpress Problems - Site URL

Hi, For this post, the title says it all. I have heard of many who have accidently changed his WordPress URL or Site URL in the WordPress Dashboard General Settings and hence making the site down. For as currently, there [...]

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Motorola Unveiling Droid X With Google And Verizon


Motorola had recently unveiled their latest phone Droid X with a  huge official presence. The Unveiling of the Phone Motorola Droid X was in the presence of Google CEO, Adobe CEO, Google Vice President And Motorola's Co-CEO. That is too [...]

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Making More Out Of Autoblogs – Exploiting Possibilities For Visitors and Money


Well, Autoblog is Simply against the Flow in a River. We can be a Paper Boat which goes to somewhere with the Flow or We can be Fishes which flow against and reach the destination. So lets become a Fish [...]

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Auto Blog Content Not Doing Well – A Moral View On Indexation and Visitors

Autoblog writing Visitors and Money

Recently I have seen someone who was asking about his Auto-Blog content indexation and then its ranking. What the guy asked for was that His Autoblog Posts weren't being indexed even after a long span of time - Almost 3 [...]

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How To Remove Sidebar From WordPress Post Pages

Removing Sidebar from Wordpress Pages

Many people who uses WordPress finds it annoying seeing sidebars on the Post pages. People want Post pages to be a Content only Page most of All. Or Even, they may have tried putting Adsense into sidebars, and thus Ads [...]

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