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Common Verification For Google Webmasters And Google Analytics

Google Analytics And Webmasters Verification

Google Analytics and Google Webmasters required separate verifications to get the thing working. Google Webmasters need verification either by adding a meta tag, uploading an HTML file or a DNS record. At the same time,Google Analytics need a JavaScript placed [...]

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Nokia Morph Concept Using Nano Technology – Video

Nokia Morph Concept Phone

Nokia Morph concept, which uses Nano Technology , gives out a mere view to what technology can be in the future. Morph Concept phone is not so far, but will be live soon. This makes phone Dirt Repellent, Stretchable, Fold-able, [...]

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Nokia X3-02 With Touch Screen And Keypad And Runs On S40

Nokia X3 02 S40

Nokia has been doing things, which would attract a lot of buyers to them. The New Version of Nokia, Nokia X3 - 02 has a touch screen, and also has a standard 16 Keys Keypad.So infact, the phone has both [...]

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Cleaning Up WordPress Comments | Mass Deleting WordPress Spam Comments | Mass Deleting WordPress Comments

Wordpress Comment Delete

Have 1000+ Comments to be deleted on your Blog? And Bored of doing 20-20-20 Deleting from the Dashboard which could take you hours? Here is a Quick go to delete your Comments, No matter whether they are Spams, Approved or [...]

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WordPress Modification / Hack To Avoid Spam Comments – Manage WordPress Comment By Referer Hack

Wordpres Spam Comments

All WordPress blogs face a potential threat from Spam Comments. WordPress even comes with a comment managing plugin , as they are too sure about it. WordPress Comment system has been the same since its previous versions, which gave a [...]

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Nokia E63 | Nokia E63 Review | Nokia E63 QWERTY S60 Phone With 2.0 MegaPixel Camera

Nokia E63 Business Phone

Nokia E63 is one among the E Series phones which specially focus on Multi Tasking With applications, rather than making it better in the aspect of Camera And Sound Quality. As we Look overall into the phone, it can be [...]

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Ipad Apps Can Now Be Integrated to Work With Facebook

Facebook SDK

Facebook has announced about their update on the iOS SDK, which now allow Ipad apps to be intregated into Facebook to be work on It.The new SDK provides access to the new Graph API and utilizes oAuth Technology. The newly [...]

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Twitter Bug – Now You Can Tweet More than 140 Characters

Twitter Bird Logo

Twitter had a bug running in their system, which recently allowed Twitter users to Tweet more than 140 characters. Great Right? Thanks to the bug, but, many of the Mobile devices and 3rd party apps are built in to show [...]

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SmartPhones to be in place Of Credit Cards – The New Technology

Smartphone Payment System

AT & T, Verizon And T-Mobile is together developing a system of payment which can be possibly done by a Smartphone.This can seriously posses a great threat to the Visa And Mastercard or inshort to All Credit Cards to be [...]

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Nokia Introducing Its Latest Phone Nokia N8 | Nokia N8 Review | Nokia N8 To be Out Soon

Nokia N8

Nokia introduces is latest addition to the N Model Phones and its N8 Which is at the end. Nokia possibly have a great look on to the new phone and has possibly made a a great sort of determination in [...]

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